Bad road design is putting pedestrians and cyclists at risk

Bad road design in new housing estates in Fingal is putting pedestrians
and cyclists at risk.  Most of these roads and streets are being
built by developers, and it seems that the planning system is failing
to ensure that basic design rules for pedestrians and cyclists are
being implemented.

Ironically the greatest risk for cyclists comes from "cycle facilities"
supposedly provided for their benefit.  The greatest risk for
pedestrians comes from the roundabouts which are being used everywhere
as well as wide curves (high curve radii) which encourage motorists to
cross pedestrians’ path at speed.  I have submitted a motion to
the Transport Strategic Policy Committee of the Council and taken some
photographs of some of the ridiculous designs. Motion for Transport SPC:

That the Manager report on the mechanisms operated in the Council to
ensure that road designs submitted by developers are checked for

   1. safety for pedestrians and cyclists

   2. compliance with the Provision of Cycle Facilities: National
Manual for Urban Areas or subsequent guidance being developed by the DTO

   3. provision of an environment which encourages walking and cycling

both at planning permission application stage and at the stage of
compliance submissions in relation to granted permissions, with
particular reference to road designs such as that at Robswall in
Malahide, and Applewood in Swords.

Below are some photos from new developments in Fingal.

New footpath in Portmarnock unusable by wheelchair or pushchair.

Cycle track in Swords with no way of getting onto it.

Cycle track in Swords endling in boulders, no exit from it.  Note
it is inside the
footpath which breaches the national  manual. In any event, there
is no reason for these cycle tracsk. Cyclists on these roads should be
on the carriageway.  I observed cyclists completely confused as to
how to use these roads.


urban centre in Applewood Swords: If there isn’t room for parking and a footpath, which gets squeezed?