Update on waste beside Pobalscoil Neasáin

Despite the motion passed by the Area Committee (see report below of 17th February) thewaste beside Pobalscoil Neasáin has still not been removed.  I submitted a further motion for the June meeting of the Area Committee.  The Manager’s report is disgraceful.   It made no reference to the decision of the Area Committee in February.  It appears that the decision of the Councillors was simply ignored.  I made clear that if the waste wasn’t removed, I would submit a s.140 motion to the full Council meeting to get the waste removed.

Extract from Minutes of Area Committee 16th June 2005



It was proposed by Councillor Healy and seconded by Councillor Maher:

“That the Manager report on why the tarmac dumped on the Council’s land at Pobalscoil Neasain has not been removed as required by this Committee at it’s meeting in February 2005”.

The following report by the Manager was READ and NOTED:

“As reported at the February Committee meeting the broken tarmac and topsoil has been stored on the housing site as a temporary measure.  It will be cleared away as part of site preparation when the construction project commences.  The project is due to commence when the contractors necessary documentation is in place which is expected within the next couple of weeks.

As a result of the February meeting, the Environment Section investigated the alleged dumping of furniture and household rubbish on this site.  A thorough examination of the site was carried out and evidence of dumping was found which was traced to a householder living in the area.  This evidence will be used to initiate a prosecution.  The Environment Department, Street cleaning Section cleared the site of household rubbish.”

 It was proposed by Councillor Healy and seconded by Councillor Maher: