Proposal for Fingal Cycling Forum agreed

The Transport SPC has agreed to my proposal for a Fingal Cycling Forum.
Proposal for Fingal Cycling Forum
·        FCC Transportation Dept
·        FCC Community Dept (re liaison with schools and community organisations and sports clubs in particular re cycling training and health promotion)
·        Dublin Cycling Campaign
·        Fingal Safe Cycling
·        Representative of body responsible for health promotion
·        Councillor representative from SPC

Terms of reference

a)  Develop Cycling Strategy to contain
·        Objectives
·        Actions
·        Implementation
·        Indicative budget
Timescale – months 1 and 2

b)  Put draft strategy to public consultation
Open consultation on website plus targeted consultation with
·        Transport SPC
·        FCC Planning Dept (routes and design, planning enforcement)
·        FCC Awareness officer/publicity expertise
·        FCC Parks Dept (re routes through parks and amenity areas)
·        Green Schools
·        Fingal Community Forum
·        Dublin Cycling Campaign
Month 3

c)  Finalise and adopt Strategy
Formal adoption by Transport SPC then by County Council
Month 4

d)      Implement strategy, monitor implementation of strategy
Month 5 onwards

Note: The draft strategy should rely on good practice elsewhere, successful examples etc.

Actions are likely to include:

·        Cycling officer with resources and access to a backup team to drive the strategy.
·        Cycling promotion  (including engagement with media)
·        Cycling training for adults
·        Cycling promotion and training in schools, link to Green Schools
·        Fingal Co.Co. as a cycling employer
·        Policy in relation to road design/infrastructure issues
·        Safety auditing of road schemes and proposing remedial measures
·        Strategy for amenity routes
·        Strategy for engagement between Forum/Co.Co. and other relevant bodies

Garda Síochána
Public Transport Organisations: Irish Rail, RPA, DTA, Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann, etc.
Health promotion bodies
Other road-user organisations: mobility impaired, pedestrians, motorists, hauliers."