A bad deal

A number of people have been asking me my views on the decision by party members to support the Greens going into government with FF and PDs.

I voted against.  Unfortunately my name was not among those picked by lot to speak at our Convention.  In conscience there is no way I could support a programme for government which will see a continuation of military use of Shannon Airport.

But even if I were to ignore my conscience, and the victims of war,  the deal struck is a terrible one.  No key Green demand has been met:

  • No end to corporate donations
  • No change to M3 through Tara valley or to any of the road-building programme
  • No new public transport commitments
  • Hospital co-location to go ahead

What about climate change?  The programme for government contains a 3% target for annual reduction of greenhouse gases.  There is no earthly way that this will be met without a fundamental change in transport policy.  And there is no change to transport policy.  Presumably that’s why its just a government target instead of the legally binding commitment NGOs have been looking for.

As to why a majority of those at the Convention voted for this, I don’t know.  I remain amazed.