Green Grants for your Home

Do you want a warmer home that’s less expensive to heat?

There are several schemes available from the Irish Government. One of
them should suit your needs. The three main schemes 

1. Home Energy Saving Scheme (Applications March 2009)
2. Greener Homes Scheme
3. Warmer Homes Scheme

You can find more information on Sustainable Energy Ireland’s (SEI) website or at the links below. SEI’s dedicated help line is 1850 927 000. You can also send email to

1. Home Energy Saving Scheme – Grants for people on middle incomes
This provides grants for insulation, improved energy heating systems and controls and surveys to provide you with your home’s energy rating

• Roof Insulation – grants up to €250
• Wall Insulation -includes either cavity wall, internal dry lining or external insulation, -grants up to €4000
• Replacement High Efficiency (> 90%) Gas or Oil fired Boilers with Heating Controls Upgrade -up to €750
• Heating Controls Upgrade -up to €500
• Building Energy Rating (BER) -you can get a grant for a BER if one is done before and after the works are completed –€200

Register your interest now with SEI 1850 927 000. The scheme begins in March 2009.

2. Greener Homes Scheme – Grants for people on middle incomes
This provides grants for new renewable energy heating systems in existing homes

• Solar Heating – grant up to €1,800
  Solar hot water system and / or
  Solar space heating system
• Heat Pumps– grant up to €3,500
  Horizontal ground collector
  Vertical ground collector
  Water (well) to water
  Air source
• Wood Chip or Pellet Stoves – with or without integral boiler or bulk fuel storage    installed – grant up to €2,500
• Wood Gasification Boiler – grant up to €2,000

3. Warmer Homes Scheme -For people on lower incomes

This scheme improves the energy efficiency and comfort conditions of homes occupied by low-income households. Community based organisations carry out the work which includes attic insulation, draught proofing, lagging jackets, energy efficient lighting, cavity wall insulation and energy advice.

In the Dublin area there are two organisations that carry out this work CHIP (T: 01 467 0344), and Energy Action (T: 01 454 5464). 

In addition, a programme of thermal retrofit of local authority housing is being implemented this year by the Department of the Environment and local authorities.