Howth SAAO Committee to meet on 2nd May

There will be a meeting of Howth SAAO Management Committee on 2nd May.  Below I attach the agenda for the meeting as circulated and an addition to the agenda which I am proposing arising out of work by local rights-of-way activists in Howth.

The minutes of the last meeting are in a separate item on this site.
A meeting of the Howth Special Amenity Area Order Management Committee will be held in the Baldoyle Library and Offices, Baldoyle, Fingal, Dublin, 13, at 3.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 2nd May, 2006 at 3.00 pm. to conclude at 5.00pm.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Peppard
Meeting Administrator

A  G  E  N  D  A

1.    Confirmation and Reaffirmation of Minutes
(a)    Minutes of Meeting of Howth Special Amenity Area Order Management Committee Meeting 8th February, 2006. (circulated herewith)
2.    The review process of the S.A.A.O. (Planning)
3.    The levies collected under the scheme and any future monies (Planning)
4.    Studies, investigations and background work on the heath land and natural grassland (Parks)
5.    The management of the invasive species within the Howth Estate (Parks)
6.    A set of proposals on signage for the S.A.A.O. area (Parks)
7.    Feasibility of the ‘stone pitching’ on steps on the pathways (Parks)
8.    Issue of access to the protected structure – St. Fintan’s Well (Planning)

Additional item which I’m adding to the Agenda.

Rights of way mapping and documenting for inclusion in the Development Plan.

Development Plan Objective GB02 which specifies that this would be done on a county-wide basis within 2 years.  As Howth is the most important walking area in the County, has the most work done on rights-of-way already and has the SAAO Management Committee to oversee the process, it makes sense to use Howth as the first area and a pilot area.

Draft work programme and timescale:

  1. Agree process at this SAAO Management Cttee. meeting,
  2. Set up sub-committee of the SAAO Management Cttee. to work with planning and mapping staff of Council.
  3. Use map and information from David Caulfield, SEMPA etc. to get all rights of way mapped by Council mapping staff
  4. Include all claimed rights of way for which there is any evidence
  5. Agree this draft Variation to the Development Plan at the next SAAO meeting.
  6. Public display of draft Variation in summer
  7. Make the Variation in respect of all rights-of-way which are not challenged during the public display (Autumn)
  8. Do further research to document and substantiate any rights of way which are challenged with a view to a second Variation.